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Money-Saving Performance & Toughness

STI Motorcycle Tubes are strong, stronger, strongest. At 2mm thick, the “Heavy Duty” model is 50 percent thicker than most standard tubes on the market today. The “Extreme Duty” butyl rubber uses a 3mm spec, making it 30 percent beefier than most heavy-duty tubes now available. The “Ultra Heavy Duty” tubes utilize a nearly bombproof 4mm thickness.

Economical as well as durable, the STI Motorcycle Tubes are priced considerably less than comparable rivals. STI has earned a reputation for delivering remarkably high-value tire and wheel products; that philosophy now applies to tubes as well.

STI Motorcycle Tubes are for off-road use only.

  1. Heavy Duty: High-quality butyl rubber is 50% thicker than most standard tubes.
  2. Motocross Action magazine gave the Heavy Duty tubes a 4-Star rating.
  3. Extreme Duty: At 3mm thick, this tube is 30% beefier than other heavy-duty tubes.
  4. Ultra Heavy Duty: Using 4mm thick rubber, this Ultra Heavy Duty tube will keep you riding.


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